Индикатор iP aaRG v8

Индикатор iP aaRG v8

Загадочный индикатор iP_aaRG_v8 Автор предлагает:
Рабтать только на М5. Вход зеленой линии в канал сверху вниз — продажа, и наоборот — покупка,
выход достижение границ канала изнутри. Автор утверждает: Сегодня (дата скрина) индикатор дал 240 п.
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  1. Jaylen22.08.2016 at 19:30

    great points as always. my point re: gleeson is more of the amount paid to him in comparison to bendik, who is on 44k. i am not sold on him as the future of the portland timbers, but only due to the limited optripunoties i have seen him play–in 2011. in short, there needs to be some structure as to the wages of comparable players. your best case scenario is about all we can hope, becuase that is 85k just going to waste.

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